This document concerns an agreement between Jack, “a free black man,” and Frederick King, “mariner.” They agree herein that Jack’s young daughter, Julia, shall be “placed and bound out as a Servant” for 11 years–until she reaches the age of 18. A standard form used for apprentices was clearly adapted for this particular circumstance; in the section of the document referring to school, the word “arithmetic” is crossed out. Apparently this requirement was not considered necessary for a girl who was destined to become a servant: reading and writing were deemed sufficient. Julia was expected to keep Captain King’s secrets and “not embezzle, waste or lend” his goods. For his part, King agreed to provide Julia with “meat drink washing, lodging and apparel both woolen and linnen” and to send her to school at least one month a year. At the end of her term she would receive “a good English bible and a new suit of cloths.”