Captain Edwin P. Brown was Orient’s only whaling captain. Captain Brown was born in Oysterponds in 1813, one of ten children. Master of his first ship by the age of twenty-eight, he married Martha Brewer of Southwick, Massachusetts, in 1843, following his first voyage as captain of a whaling vessel. After his very successful career in whaling, he retired to Orient in the 1850s. Captain Brown died in 1892. The voyage on the Lucy Ann recorded in this logbook lasted just under two years. Captain Brown was accompanied by his wife, and her account of the voyage makes for one of the most interesting diaries in the OHS collection. At this point, he had left his wife in Honolulu to await the birth of their child and was seeking whales in the North Pacific. The four whale stamps with blanks record the number of barrels of whale oil taken from each whale. The tails of diving whales indicate whales pursued but lost. The logbook was a gift of Captain Brown’s granddaughter Mildred Prince and great-granddaughter Barbara Hughes.