OHS’s 2023 Summer Interns



Noah Rudin



OHS is pleased to have been able to offer, through the auspices of the Robert David Lion Gardiner (RDLG) Foundation, a Gardiner Young Scholars Internship. The position allows students aged 16 to 22 to gain a hands-on understanding of various collections and curatorial practices that fulfill OHS’s historical preservation mission. At the conclusion of their internship, the Gardiner Young Scholars Intern is required to submit a short video presentation on their experience.


Noah Rudin was the 2023 Gardiner Young Scholars Intern at OHS. He is currently a freshman, studying History, Global Studies, and French at Brandeis University. Noah says, “Interning for the OHS was a fascinating opportunity for me to get firsthand experience working with the history of Orient, a place I’ve been visiting and living in for my entire life.” Click here for Noah’s video.





Daniel Ferro


In the summer of 2023, 16 year-old Daniel, who confesses to having a deep love for history, investigated the question why, in 1927, Alfred E. Smith vetoed the Long Beach Association of Orient’s request to add female taxpayers to their voting ranks.


He created a website documenting his research:




He writes, “Volunteering for the Oysterponds Historical Society has been an extremely enjoyable experience for me, and I hope to continue working for OHS.”




Gavin Fontanez


Gavin is currently enrolled in Johns Hopkins University’s Masters in Museum Studies program. As an intern for OHS during the summer of 2023, Gavin got experience in multiple facets of the Society including collections and archiving, event planning, exhibit building, and the logistical elements that go into each of those areas.  He helped select items that were used in the Folk Art from the Collection Exhibition, got valuable experience using the PastPerfect software, and archived photographs and prints.

Gavin says, “As someone entering a Masters in Museum Studies program, the knowledge I gained at this institution through this internship was invaluable, and I’d be more than happy to intern again in the future.”




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