Student Programs


Annual OHS Youth and Student Programs


OHS’s Education Team…

  • Creates historic display cases in the lobby of Oysterponds School.
  • Supports the school’s theme for the year (2019: Writing).
  • Designs special activities in the Old Point Schoolhouse for children (and adults) to interact with during the Museum season.
  • Hosts field trips for students from Oysterponds School.
  • Organizes enrichment days for the Summer Camp theme at Oysterponds School.
  • Continues the 15+ year tradition of OHS Kids, a yearly program for summer and local kids, parents, and grandparents.


For 2021’s “Home Teams: Baseball on the North Fork” exhibition in the Old Point Schoolhouse, Terry Werden came up with the idea of a Baseball Table Game and designed the dice. MaryBeth Stingel donated the unique table, paint and design ideas. Linda Sabatino found the baseball diamond and player figurines online. She also created baseball cards featuring historical Orient players from photos provided by OHS collections manager, Amy Folk. The cards are intended to be take home by kids and creatively colored. Don Rose built the edged table with the plexiglass top. Jan Rose painted it and added the stenciled lettering. Cathy Matthews conceived of the two full-size historical baseball stand-up that will provide a fun photo-op for kids and adults alike.


Student Programs Committee

Jan Rose, Chair

Ann Hulsmann (providing long-time Oysterponds School expertise and knowledge)

Eva Lucatuorta (research)

Cathy Matthews

Sarah Olmstead (OHS Kids)

Linda Sabatino

Carol Tuthill (summer camp chair)

Ruthie Tuthill (enrichment)

Terry Werden





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