Secret Postcard Project 2021




The Secret Postcard Project online auction was an enormous success.
OHS sincerely thanks all the participants; your support is greatly appreciated!


Winning bidders can pick up their postcards 10am – 4pm Tuesday-Saturday at OHS’s office at Vail House (345 Fletcher St., Orient).  If you are not local and have confidence in the US Postal Service, please email your mailing address to and we’ll mail you your winning postcard via 1st class mail.



The OHS Secret Postcard Project, Looking Back and Moving Forward!


Last year, the pandemic forced all not-for-profits to think outside of the box in terms of fundraising events. OHS chose to invite the entire community to anonymously submit illustrated postcards to be auctioned off online. Last year’s online auction succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.


Given that success, this summer OHS celebrated our community once again with the “Secret Postcard Project, Looking Back and Moving Forward!” Over 130 impressive illustrated postcard creations were submitted and it was readily evident that the community had a great deal of fun participating.


Concurrent with the online auction was a week-long Night Time Portrait Projection of members of the Oysterponds community, comprised of EJ Camp’s exceptional B&W photography projected after sunset on the side of Village Lane’s Orient Methodist Church.



On Sunday September 5th, OHS held a Postcard Exhibition (pictured below) with a complimentary bar and grill reception. Rain threatened throughout the day but remarkably waited until after the postcards were safely inside before it started in earnest.



We extend our sincere thanks to event chairs Leslie Cohen & EJ Camp; Jeanne Markel, Jeff Lee, Jimena Faerber, Adrian Cockerill, Tom Dyja, Clifford Cohen, and a whole host of volunteers whose efforts and good cheer guaranteed that the Postcard Project online auction and all the ancillary events would wind up being lots of fun and uniformly successful. Nearly $17,000 was raised, which will go a long way in ensuring the future of OHS and help it achieve its mission of bringing people together to share and celebrate the unique history and culture of Orient and East Marion.




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