Summer Benefit Live Auction – Preview



OHS presents a rare opportunity to bid on several exceptional pieces of art.


When: Saturday, August 6th, 6pm – 9pm


Where: The OHS Summer Benefit, Poquatuck Park, Village Lane, Orient, NY


Note: You must be present at the event to participate in the live auction.  For more information, click here.




Artist: Richard Serra

Title: Weight X, 2013

Color etching

69 1/2 inches x 59 1/2 inches

Artist Proof #2/6


Richard Serra lives and works in New York City and the North Fork of Long Island. This is a rare opportunity to buy a significant work from one of the greatest living sculptors.



Weights and Levels, 2008 – 2011


Regarding his work on paper, Richard Serra explains:


Black is a property, not a quality. In terms of weight, black is heavier, creates a larger volume, holds itself in a more compressed field. It is comparable to forging [steel]. Since black is the densest color material, it absorbs and dissipates light to maximum and thereby changes the artificial as well as the natural light in a given room. 


The artist’s latest series, Weights and Levels functions precisely in this manner. Serra’s new editions juxtapose the large, sharply defined expanses of the black ink and richly embossed texture against the narrowly exposed white of the paper. The etchings referred to as Weights are singular black forms filling up the paper within inches of the top edge, articulating the apparent mass of the image. Those called Double Levels and Double Weights offer a more complex dynamic by offsetting two forms within the image. The close proximity of these forms initiates a level of tension between black ink and the white paper. At once, these prints confront us with their substantial size and rigidity and demonstrate a sort of gravitation interaction. The result is a body of work that elicits a strong awareness of spatial relationships between the components of the prints and the space they occupy.



Richard Serra’s 2009 release from the Weights and Levels series.




Artist: Laura Owens (b. 1970, Euclid, OH)

Untitled, 2018

Screen printing ink on paper

38 x 25 inches


Edition: Unique


Laura Owens lives and works in Los Angeles and Orient NY. One of the most celebrated painters of her generation, Owens has continually pushed the boundaries of what painting is, or can be. From the outset, her works were marked by an irreverent embrace of multifarious sources and references – embroidery, textiles, texts, and decorative patterns. Ranging in scale and technique, her works have continued to veer between, and fuse, the languages of abstraction, decoration and figuration. Owens studied at the California Institute of Arts, Valencia (CA) and Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan (ME) (both 1994) and Rhode Island School of Design, Providence (RI) (1992).


This particular work is from a series of unique, hand-printed sheets originally made in Owens’ studio for use as covers to the catalog published in conjunction with her 2017 survey at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Each sheet includes material for three covers. However, the sheets in this series were set aside as unique works before the titles and barcodes were printed.



Artist: Lillian Bassman (1917-2012)

Gelatin silver print, 1992

20 x 16 inches

Signature on verso

Harper’s Bazaar 1950

Pavoine Restaurant, Paris


From the 1940s until the 1960s Bassman worked as a fashion photographer for Junior Bazaar and later at Harper’s Bazaar where she promoted the careers of photographers such as Richard Avedon, Robert Frank, Louis Faurer and Arnold Newman.


The most notable qualities about her photographic work are the high contrasts between light and dark, the graininess of the finished photos, and the geometric placement and camera angles of the subjects. Bassman was one of the last great woman photographers in the world of fashion.




Artists: Suzanne McClelland and Alix Pearlstein

A DRESS / Address, 2019

Edition #9 / 20



A DRESS / Address is an ongoing collaboration between artists Suzanne McClelland and Alix Pearlstein. It is a series of artworks that grapples with, edits and transfers texts onto a range of garments, positing the transcript as a potent alternative to branded logo design. The garments engage with contemporary functional fashion, infusing everyday attire with embodied text in action. These wearable transcripts perform themselves.


A DRESS / Address: What They Asked: Christine Blasey Ford, was initiated by McClelland’s poster titled “Address.” This work transcribes the questions that senators asked Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony to Congress in Fall 2018 during Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings onto a neoprene trench coat.




William Steeple Davis Photographs


Oysterponds artist William Steeple Davis (1884-1961) spent virtually all of his life in Orient.


Davis’s photographic work was produced during a crucial era in the development of the medium and he was an active, important participant in this burgeoning field. Most of his photographs were taken at the beginning of the 20th Century and are astounding artistic records of Orient and East Marion. Davis also did a few photographs of New York at the turn of the century. These are especially wonderful glimpses of the city as it was growing.


Very few of Davis’ photographs have been reproduced, but EJ Camp has been looking through his many large format glass plates and negatives and restoring and printing a few for the Orient community.


We are offering two of these photographs in limited editions of 10 for purchase at the OHS Summer Benefit.


William Steeple Davis

Hell Gate Bridge, 1915

Edition of 10

Printed on Archival paper

Print 9 1/8” x 12 1/8”, 2 1/2″ exposed mat all sides

Frame dimensions 15 1/2” x 18 3/8”

$1,200 (price for framed print)




William Steeple Davis

Ice & Rocks, 1918

Edition of 10

Printed on Archival paper

Print 8 1/4” x 11 1/4”, 2 1/2″ exposed mat all sides

Frame dimensions 14 1/2” x 17 1/2”

$1,200 (price for framed print)



The Oysterponds Historical Society Summer Benefit


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