The Secret Postcard Project, Wish You Were Here!




Dear Friends,


We hope you enjoyed the Secret Postcard Project. It raised valuable funds that ensure the future of OHS but, more importantly, it brought our community together. We extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to all who participated.




⇒  174 Postcards were submitted by 144 artists

⇒  24 Faces of Oysterponds plus all the Postcards were projected at four sites

⇒  167 Attendees at the Postcard Viewing Event in Poquatuck Park

⇒  184 Bidders submitted 955 bids

⇒  82 Bidders purchased 174 postcards


More than anyone dreamed possible, through Postcard purchases, a total of $30,383 was donated to OHS to help it fulfill its mission to preserve and celebrate the history of Oysterponds.


We could not be more grateful to the artists who participated, the volunteers who worked tirelessly to put it all together, the generous donors who bid vigorously and repeatedly for the remarkable postcards, and the support of our sponsors.


Thank you to all—your participation in the Secret Postcard Project continues a tradition of joining together to have fun and support Oysterponds Historical Society. Your invaluable involvement helps this cherished community and cultural hub to grow and thrive.


Our sincere and enthusiastic appreciation goes to the Secret Postcard Project Committee:


EJ Camp Co-Chair

Leslie Cohen Co-Chair

Elanna Allen

Charles Dean

Jimena Faerber

Ally Forstmann

Jeff Lee



So many other volunteers contributed much time, talent, and resources to make the event a success:


Gail Barlow

Chris Churchill

Adrian Cockerill

Cliff Cohen

Jeff Davis

Tom Dyja

Max Faerber

Dick Gilloolly

Suzanne Gluck

Ted Harris

Adam Irving

Jean Markel

Rob McGinnis

Keith Scott Morton

Sandra Saiegh

Bob Sorenson

Debbie Wogan


…and many more!


We are extremely grateful to the donors who bid so robustly and surprised all of us with a grand total that exceeded all expectations.


And a huge and generous thank you to all of our artists. They ranged in age, artistic style, and location, but were united in their effort to use their gifts to support OHS.


We extend a heartfelt expression of gratitude to our stalwart sponsors: The Anna Goldie Charitable Trust and Safe Harbor Marinas


Now, here’s what you have all been waiting for. Drum roll please! Click HERE to return to the auction page and click on each piece of art to see which artist created and donated it.


Best Regards,


Oysterponds Historical Society




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