Visitor Information


OHS welcomes all visitors to participate in our programs, experience our exhibitions, and enjoy our campus.

The lower levels of Village House and the Old Point Schoolhouse (and the lower level of Hallock Building by appointment only) are accessible to visitors with limited mobility. Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are located in Village House and the Schoolhouse.

The exhibitions on the 2nd floor of Village House are not accessible to visitors who need to avoid stairs. There is a Visitor’s Book on the lower level containing photos and text describing these exhibitions which is available upon request.

We welcome visitors with vision or hearing impairment, with developmental or learning disabilities, and people with autism spectrum disorder.

For more information and/or assistance, please contact us at or 631-323-2480.


Service animals are welcome anywhere on campus. Other leashed, well-behaved pets are allowed on the grounds, but not inside any building.

Guided Tours

Village House, the Old Point Schoolhouse, and Webb House are self-guided. However, there are always docents present to answer questions.


Docents are our ambassadors and make a lasting impact while greeting visitors and answering questions at Village House, Webb House, and the Old Point Schoolhouse.  If you’d like to volunteer to be a docent, click here.

Restrooms & Changing Stations

There are restrooms in Village House, the Old Point Schoolhouse, and Webb House. There is a baby changing station in the Schoolhouse.

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks are permitted only on OHS grounds and may not be carried into any building (except for bottled water). OHS does not have a concession stand, but you are welcome to picnic on our grounds.


Click here for local food establishments.

Look, But Please Don’t Touch

While we encourage you to engage with the historical objects in OHS’s Collections, please do not touch or handle them as they are unique, fragile and, above all, irreplacable.


Visitors to our exhibits are welcome to take photographs for personal, noncommercial use. Photography may be restricted for loaned works of art. Flash photography is not allowed. OHS reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises.

For press and other special photography, including film projects, please contact the office during business hours at 631-323-2480 or

Painting & Sketching

Artists are always welcome at the Oysterponds Historical Society! Sketching is always permitted in our exhibit areas. If you wish to paint within a gallery, please contact us first at 631-323-2480 or

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