OHS Archives and Offices Project – FAQs, Part 2




October, 2023:  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Part 2


In March 2023, we shared with the community that OHS decided to move forward with plans to build up-to-date archival collections center as an addition to Vail House (with a particular focus on historical and architectural appropriateness). OHS issued a Request for Qualifications for architects at that time and posted a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (click here to view).


We promised to provide you with updates as we hit important milestones. On Saturday, September 30, 2023 we announced the selection of an architect to work with OHS and the community on this important project.


What were the criteria for the architect selection?

The RFQ outlined the following criteria: (1) Experience working on community civic buildings and adaptive reuse of existing structures. (2) Background in projects requiring interior environmental control. (3) Proven ability to collaborate with clients (non-profit clients preferred). (4) Experience working within a historic vernacular, including within a historic district. (5) Experience and/or a connection with the east end of Long Island (preferred, but not required). (6) Proven ability to deliver projects on time and on budget is a must.


How were architects made aware of this opportunity?

The RFQ was posted to relevant websites, shared with the community and sent directly to architects living in and/or working on the North Fork. As part of the RFQ process, Alison Ventura, our Executive Director, and Leslie Koch, Chair of the Committee, hosted a walk-through of Vail House to familiarize firms with the space and answer questions.


What was the response to the RFQ?

OHS received eight qualified responses.


What happened next?

The Committee members reviewed all of the submissions and subsequently invited six firms to interview via Zoom. Relying on the selection criteria outlined in the RFQ, the Committee then invited two firms for further interviews and review.


What did the final round consist of?

The Committee met the key players from each firm in person. References were checked, follow-up discussions were held and a financial analysis was completed to compare the costs each firm proposed.


What was the result?

After over four months of work, the Committee unanimously recommended to the OHS Board that we enter into a contract for design and architectural services with SKOLNICK Architecture + Design Partnership. The Board approved that recommendation.



SKOLNICK Architecture + Design Partnership is a well-known firm based in Sag Harbor and New York City. The firm has extensive experience in adaptive reuse projects with landmarked and historic buildings. They have completed award-winning projects in New York City and on the east end of Long Island. SKOLNICK’s principals also have strong track records in community engagement, fundraising support, and in working with local authorities—all important factors. While it was many years ago, SKOLNICK worked on a project at OHS’s Webb House.


We encourage you to visit SKOLNICK’s website (https://www.skolnick.com/) to  learn more about them, to see examples of their work, and to read the bios of the two key principals who will oversee our project, Paul Alter, Principal and David Vimont, Associate.


What happens next?

Following Board approval, OHS will be entering into a contract with SKOLNICK.  Once that is done, OHS and SKOLNICK will collaborate in developing a design for the new OHS Archives and Offices Center. This will be an iterative process involving the Committee, staff, and others over a number of months.


We will also make plans to introduce the key players at SKOLNICK to our members and the community, solicit your feedback, and update you on the design and construction schedule.





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