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“There is more of an active and liberal public spirit in Orient than in any other village in the county and
when they undertake to do anything they are determined and sure to carry it to a successful conclusion.”
— The Long Island Traveler,  February 5, 1874




Oysterponds Historical Society unveils 2024 Village House exhibitions

Oysterponds Historical Society’s mission to collect, preserve and share the history of Orient and East Marion is crystal clear to executive director Alison Ventura.




This Old Place: Village House, the heart of Orient’s historical hub

Village House may have started as a humble boarding spot for visiting city folk, but the purpose and initial push for preservation at the small-but-mighty Oysterponds Historical Society rests on this Italianate building’s sturdy foundation.




Oysterponds Historical Society receives grant for augmented reality exhibit

Oysterponds Historical Society patrons will soon be transported to the past, thanks to a $125,000 “Digital Tapestry” grant the organization received last month.




For Immediate Release:

Oysterponds Historical Society Receives Generous Grant from Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation of New York

Click here for press release.



Oysterponds Historical Society begins planning Vail House expansion

Amy Folk’s tiny office at Oysterponds Historical Society is a treasure trove of Orient and East Marion history.




Alison Ventura takes helm at Oysterponds Historical Society

Oysterponds Historical Society announced a new executive director.




For new oral history project, StoryCorps is collecting stories from East Marion

The Oysterponds Historical Society and East Marion Community Association have teamed up to collect oral histories of the hamlet of East Marion. Audio recordings are uploaded to StoryCorps, an online interview archive housed at the Library of Congress’ American Folklife Center in Washington, D.C.







Darlene Charneco Discusses ‘Symbiosome Schoolhouse’

“Symbiosome Schoolhouse” includes new iterations of the artist’s ongoing series Weaves and Touchmaps, which are mixed-media, map-based wall reliefs that explore and navigate the layered spaces that humans and all planetary species inhabit.






Oysterponds Historical Society exhibit covers more than 150 years of local baseball history

Baseball and history are a great match. One reason for that may be that baseball simply has a long history that reflects societal changes—even at the local level.






Ground penetrating radar brought to 19th century burial site in Orient

Technology arrived at a 19th century burial ground in Orient on Saturday with the hope of answering a contentious question: could slaves owned by the Tuthill family be buried on this spot?







The names that represent a story we can’t tell

Across the country and across Long Island, America’s past is being examined, thought about in a very different light, criticized and, in some cases, kicked to the curb.







Oysterponds Historical Society forms Working Group to study slavery

A week after removing a sign marking a presumed slave burial site on Narrow River Road, the Oysterponds Historical Society has formed a working group to research slavery, indentured servitude and farm labor camps in Orient and East Marion from the 17th to the 20th centuries.




Editorial: Historical society takes small, but significant, step

It begins. Finally. Last week, the Oysterponds Historical Society removed the plaque marking a site on Narrow River Road in Orient where slaves are believed to have been buried. This was not am attempt to cover up or deny the past, but the start of an effort to understand it better.






Embarking on virtual history: Oysterponds Historical Society offers lectures series via webinars

Time and place. When it comes to history, both are important.  History involves connecting different time periods, the past and the present. Now the Oysterponds Historical Society has found a way, through technology, to make place irrelevant for those interested in learning about that history.






Oysterponds Historical Society Offers Enriching Virtual Lecture Series

The North Fork not-for-profit celebrates the region during pandemic with Alone Together Zoom webinars.







“Alone Together Virtual Lecture Series” To Examine Significant East End Places, Occasions, And Topics

Oysterponds Historical Society (OHS) will be entertaining the East End community, virtually, of course, by presenting its Alone Together Virtual Lecture Series.






Postcards Donated to Historical Society Tell Story of Bygone Era

“Have just arrived here in a little sailboat from Sag Harbor with ten other fellows. Having a fine time. Yours, Fred.”  This greeting, written in inky, neat script, appeared on a postcard sent from an Orient boarding house in 1905.







Stolen Painting of Whaling Ship Bark Washington Returned to Oysterponds Historical Society

FBI agents have recovered and returned a 19th-century oil painting of a whaling ship to the Oysterponds Historical Society in Orient that was stolen at least 14 years ago.




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