Oysterponds Historical Society’s Mission, Vision & Values




Oysterponds Historical Society (OHS) brings people together to share and celebrate the unique history and culture of Orient and East Marion. By presenting shared experiences from the past, we connect our rich heritage to the present and pass it on to future generations.

Oysterponds Historical Society is a cultural hub for Orient and East Marion residents and visitors. Presenting our exceptional repository of documents, artifacts, and experiences in exhibitions, programs, events and education, OHS seeks to preserve and strengthen that special “sense of place” that we all treasure.

OHS will deliver programs and experiences linked to our history and culture, through its collections and based on sound scholarship.

We will present history as living and evolving, from the community’s origins to today, centered on what makes this “special place” worth protecting.

OHS will have a vigorous program of preserving its collections, including its historic buildings and grounds, which document the evolution of the community and its social and economic variety.

We will integrate our offerings into the life and interests of the Orient and East Marion communities and make them easily accessible.

OHS’s buildings and grounds will provide a welcoming and comfortable setting for the community to gather and serve its needs.

Our staff will continue to receive donations of historical importance because OHS is recognized as a secure repository that values these objects.



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