John Henry Young was born in Orient in 1840 and enlisted, as did so many young men from Orient and East Marion, as a Union soldier in the Civil War, serving with the 127th U.S. Volunteers. Although injured in the war, he survived and returned to Orient, where he became a farmer, living until 1921. His diaries were given to the OHS by Beverly Lomas. This volume for the year 1865 begins on January 1: “The new year which today begins its accustomed round finds me severely wounded in the Field-Hospital at Deveaux Neck. Cousin George [Latham] lies by my side also severely wounded.” His cousin died on January 12. On January 30: “A lot of Sherman’s men came to the Hospital.” Then, on February 19, a momentous event, written in large letters: “Great news. The Fall Of CHARLESTON..”